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Web Traffic

Overnight Online Success is Highly Unlikely

Unless, of course, you are independently wealthy or you've invented the cure for cancer and everyone wants to know about it. Individuals with unlimited financial resources can afford the manpower, marketing, and advertising to generate online traffic overnight. Those, without financial resources, who invent something the world's been waiting for, may experience overnight success through social media.

Online Success Can Be Achieved Over Time

However, for the organization with more modest means and aspirations, they must compete with thousands of other entities fighting for online awareness and traffic. How do you effectively compete with such a large community of competitors?

  1. Carefully craft your brand. What are your values? What your goals? Who are you? What do you want to be? Who do you serve? Why do you do what you do? What motivates you? How can you relate with the visitor to your website? Brand is words. It is colors, shapes, and images. Your brand needs to be consistent across all your print and online media. The more your organization is able to precisely define and consistently communicate who you are, the more people will be able to trust you. Trust is everything and it is essential for the building of online traffic.
  2. Deliver outstanding service to and maintain incredible relations with your client base. Do what you do the best you can. Go the extra mile. Become the standard of excellence that engenders intense loyalty with your clients, clients who are quite willing to recommend you to their friends and family, all of whom are using the Internet.
  3. Find a niche within your industry and deliver that niche very well. There may be other stores in town like yours but your store is the only one that offers _______________ (fill in the blank). People who value the niche you offer are very likely to share online your unique offering, that cannot be experienced any place else, with their friends and family.
  4. Be an organization with a heart. Care about the needs in the community. Be a good neighbor. Get involved. If a family is in crisis, take the lead in getting them help. Rally the community to the cause. This can boost your following online, especially in social media.
  5. Find out what your target market would like to know but doesn't know. Become the expert in town. Know more about the things your target market cares about than your competition does. Share that knowledge. Blog. Video blog. Tweet. Produce infographics. Create graphics for Pinterest. Regularly. Consistently. Dependably. Don't quit because you get bored blogging. Don't quit because you don't have the following you want after just a few weeks. Keep it up. The most successful bloggers have published quality content for years. Not only does that boost your reputation with human beings, it also works very nicely with search engines. Think of it this way - the more quality content you publish, the more text on your website search engines can use to index the words people are searching for. (Note - There is a proper way to publish content to make a page search engine friendly. We are not covering that here.)
  6. Promote other people. Many people look at the Internet as a tool to promote themselves. Everybody is promoting themselves. Do something rare - use social media to promote other people and organizations. Instead of talking about the new product or service of your business, use social media to share about the youth orchestra at the local high school that just went to China. Promote other businesses and charities in town. How would you respond if another business was promoting your business? Would you take an interest in them? Of course you would. Promote other businesses and charities and they will likely promote your organization! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  7. Partner with other organizations in the community who have a large online following. Contact them. Discuss how your business or organization can be of service to them. Link to their organization on your website and ask them to link to yours.

The Website Design Must Compliment Your Content

Your branded website needs to have an attractive and responsive design, on your visitor's desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Why? To make it easy for people to discover all the great initiatives, that we discussed above, that your organization has. Visitors to your website should know within seconds that your organization is trustworthy, that you deliver outstanding products and services, that you have a niche in your industry, that you are an organization with a heart, that you are experts, that you promote others, and that you have partnerships with key organizations. Communicating all of that in seconds is a function of design. Simplicity. White space. Titles and subtitles. Lines that keep the eye focused. High resolution images that make intended impressions without the need for words. Carefully written copy that summarize in a few words all that your organization represents. Video that enables you to deliver rich information in a personal human-to-human format.

Can't I Just Throw a Website Together Without Doing All of This?

Sure. However, you WILL be disappointed with the results. Guaranteed!

If You Are Serious About Online Success...

It is going to require a financial investment. You are either going to invest a great deal of your own time (time is money) OR you are going to pay other people to do that for you. The right people for your project are highly skilled. They have a gift at marketing. They are great communicators. They are teachers. They are writers. They are graphic artists. They produce videos. They design print marketing materials. They understand business. They understand charities. They understand the Internet. They are web programmers. They are empathetic. They are visionaries. They are researchers. They are someone like...

Charles Wagner

Contact Charles today to get started! 484-433-9073


Diane Pappas, Solutions for Divorce, Gloucester, MA

"Hi Everyone out there...I responded to Charles' post back in November and am now working with him here in Lanesville for my business website. He is a great person to work with, reasonably priced, knowledgable, conscientious and honest. I highly recommend him."

Pastor Stan Gale, Reformed Presbyterian Church of West Chester, PA

"There are three words I would use to describe Charles: receptive, responsive, and responsible. Receptive in that he makes himself available and he listens. Responsive in that he works hard to take care of things. He is a man of his word. Responsible in that he displays a competence in his field."

Joe Fulvio, President Third Coast Partners

"Charles does web work or almost anything digital done right and fast. I've pulled him in to a client situation where a succession of previous (slow, overpriced) vendors had made a mess of things. He quickly sorted out things and got us back on track. He's a great go-to guy for any small-to-mid-sized company or division."

Charles Wagner, MBA

My name is Charles Wagner. In August 2016, I relocated my business to Gloucester, MA from West Chester, PA. In my career, I have been a systems and procedures analyst, technical writer, corporate communications manager, education and training development manager, computer instructor, academic adviser, webmaster, web designer, web application designer, business consultant, and entrepreneur. I earned an MBA from Widener University in Chester PA in 1995. I have been working in the web design and development world since 2008. I'm looking for short-term client projects as well as monthly customers whom I support with monthly content management. In my personal time, I'm dedicated to making a difference in other people's lives, volunteering in my local community. I have published two books on prayer. My passion in life is to encourage churches to publish stories of hope of how God does rescue people from all kinds of adversity.

My daughter Stephanie works as the marketing coordinator for a manufacturing firm. My son Chad works with my clients providing outstanding content writing.

Industry Sectors Served

Addiction recovery homes, authors, auto racing, automotive services, alcohol and beer sale, building trade companies, business consultants, churches of various denominations, computer repair, dentist, health care providers, home remodeling, inventor, judge, manufacturers, marketing companies, nonprofits and ministries, ophthalmology, printing company, real estate coaching, sales training, voice over artist, and trash removal